Sunday, July 18, 2004

What Makes You Run Faster?

So as I ran along on a short 8km today (it's supposed to be a rest day but I couldn't help myself!), I was wondering what it is that makes us run faster. I mean if we are committed to running and we've been doing it awhile, what is that forces you to dig in and find a faster you? Really it would be easy to just do what you can do and accept that, but then there are those moments where you want more right? I'm wanting more, thus the heavy program of course, but when I'm out there and I'm supposed to be poring it on to reach a longer stride, better pace etc. I have to find my reason. To be honest most of my reasons used to involve "a responsible soldier is a fast, heathly, strong soldier." So who am I now and why do I want to be fast?

Here's the funny part, I used the bombing run demonstration to make me go faster today! LOL Honestly, airshow going on and they were doing a bombing run demo and I pretended I was a pearl harbour resident running for the hills! So it was imagination, I was reaching okay?! :-) Just like the proverbial bear chase.

I'm feeling very hot and silly tonight for some reason. ;-)

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