Wednesday, September 15, 2004


OMG, what a pain in the cyber-butt. Thanks to Mark, I discovered that my that my blog had gone AWOL. I ended up having to re-format, so-to-speak, and lost all my personalized items like comments, links etc.. :( Unfortunately I'm the textbook definition of 'end-user' and I'm so short on spare time these days that getting my blog to look anything like what I want again will take some time. (it takes me quite awhile to figure out all those simple little things that most of you can likely do in your sleep ~chuckles~)

On the upside, my daughter is doing much better. Perhaps some of you will know that I ended up racing home Saturday night because she was having breathing difficulties with her asthma? Well, it's going to be a bit of a battle for awhile but everything is stable and we have her under control again. Thank Heavens!!!!

My training has definitely taken a back seat in my life these days but that's better than not being in the vehicle at all of course. ~winks~

Thanks again Mark for checking in on are such a sweetie! :-)

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