Sunday, September 5, 2004

Runner At My Back

School Girl

Wow, first week of school is off to a great start so far. Though my 'extended family' that are allowing me to board with them are definitely keeping me busy as a little beaver. I definitely need to find a way to get my sleep without seeming rude. They are such awesome gals and I absolutely adore them but my lifestyle is VERY different.

Runner At My Back

Anyway, my intro day was Saturday and guess what? I had a runner sitting behind me. I picked up that he was likely a runner by his 'look.' I'm not sure I can articulate what that means, just that I recognize the look. Sure enough, at lunch break he offered some directions to a lunch location indicating that even though he worked at city hall, he 'ran' during his lunch break so knew very little about the dining locations in the area. I felt oddly comfortable in my class knowing that there was 'another runner' there. Now ironically, he was the tall, lean sleek type and I'm the adorable, cherubby, she-rah type of runner; but we are both runners no matter how fast or what we look like or what kind of trails we choose. We both exuded a certain different kind of confidence I think. And, we were a 'we' even though we didn't speak about our shared runner's life. I thought that was really cool. Plus, he was a very direct and intelligent man so I really enjoyed his contributions. Do you suppose he is like that BECAUSE he is a runner?! ~smiles~

The Running

Well, running in the west end of Edmonton was just downright un-nerving for me. I'm so used to my secluded, protected areas. My trails on the base or in the provincial park. Running in a city residential area was very uncomfortable for me. I was scared and my breathing was incredibly laboured. (breathing problems from fear I'm guessing?) I'm sure most of the fear came from my instincts that were screaming out: "you should NOT be running alone in a place like this no matter WHAT time of day it is."

My plan when I return to Edmonton on Tuesday is to hit the trails on the base. Looks like I'll be working up there in between classes so I'll budget my 2 hour workout into the schedule. ~aside: I LOVE being my own boss~ I have a couple GFs I can run with there and I've missed them horribly. They are SAHMs so they can accommodate my odd mid-day running times by packing up the running stroller in one case and the other gal's kids are in school.

Looks like my days will be jam packed and that is a really good thing.


I wonder if anyone can contribute some feedback on sore hips? Not sure what I'm doing differently and I've promised myself a trip to the chiropractor on Wed, but my left hip is really sore when running these days. I can walk without an ounce of complaint but when I break into the run I find it hard to prevent a gentle limp to my stride. I wonder if my weight may be the cause? It shifts so quickly when I need to use my meds that I wonder if my continual shift in my centre of balance could be causing this occur? I've never had it happen before but still, it was the only thing I could come up with since I've not injured myself in any way I can remember. Now, I did dislocate my SI joint a couple years back but when it 'acts up' I get a numb butt and tingly legs, not a sore hip. Ever run with numb bum? Very weird, trust me! LMBO!!

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