Sunday, August 29, 2004

Here I Am

First, I wanted to send a special thank you to Dianna for her extra special support and encouraging words. Your friendship is a wonderful blessing to me my friend. And to all of you who take a moment to stop and share I send my sincere Thanks to you as well.

The Running

I'm only able to get in about 30 minutes, or thereabouts, to run these days, so my distance has dropped to about 5 km route and it's heartbreaking. I keep telling myself it's all okay and the extended break may have many hidden advantages. I've tried to make up for it with extra pushups, dips and situps. My training is right off track, but then again life is on it's own tangent itself of course. ~shakes head~

Next week I'm back to full workouts & running since I'll be in the big, bad city of Edmonton, going to school. Whenever I need to be away from my family I focus on studying (or working etc.), work out, run long & far and sleep. It keeps me sane while dealing with the lonliness.

My New Career

It was so hard to find what it was I wanted to 'be' next now that I'm no longer a soldier. I knew I wanted to help others but boy does that leave you with a tonne of options! :-) I've been mentoring in the Dispute Resolution Centre as a mediation student for 3 weeks now and doing a lot of primary study on conflict resolution as well. I've never felt so happy or peaceful about anything in my life ever before. When I joined the military it was always one test after another and I worked very hard and becoming good at all the different aspects: fitness, battle readiness, trade etc. With mediation I seem to be a 'natural,' and it takes so little effort. The studying is like learning names for something I already know intrinsically and now I'm developing a skill set to go with what already feels 'right.' It's the most remarkable thing really. I'm hoping that when I get back to my real training I will feel the positive energy flow through into that aspect of my life as well.

Well, just wanted to ramble a bit...thanks for listening. Beijos runners!

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