Saturday, August 21, 2004

Ear Aches & Mediation

Okay, two things occupying my time these days (besides the 'Mr' ~winks~). I am pursuing my second-career education, curtesy Army medical retirement program, in the field of Chartered Mediator/Arbitrator while doing my OJT in a Mediation office here on base AND my ear is killing me. So, the result is a serious juggling of my schedules for working out, running, working, studying etc; and, then remember ear aches as a kid? I mean they distract your entire thinking and operating process. I'm maxed out on pain meds and it still hurts (I ignored the pain too long and it got rather nastily infected and damaged). I'm usually very good about listening to my body and taking care of matters but for some reason I just kept thinking, "oh it will pass;" it didn't.

Running has been weird because I'm strong and making good time & distance, and the pain meds for my ear make my knee a non-issue, but I can't think of anything except the throbbing, burning, explosive energy in my right inner ear. I find myself tensing my upper body and when I get home I'm one giant chain of knots under both scapulae. ~whiny sigh~ Still, I'm not wet, dirty, hungry and cold with soggy combat boots so all is well right?! LOL

I'm nervous about not being able to have a regular time of day to work out in the next few months. My schedule for classes is all over the place. Because this program is a series of 'certificate' courses that lasts 2-9 days in length, the timings change from one week to the next of when I will be in class, driving to or from Cold Lake and working. I have to be max flexible, something I dispensed with when I returned my uniform to the QM. Well, running is such second nature to me that I always find the time but weight training is another issue all together. I'm so easily intimidated by new environments, different equiptment etc. now, every new scenario is like a lead weight in personal drive department. ~sigh~


Oh well, my family is together, I'm 98% physically healthy, as are they and really we are very blessed. A few challenges are necessary to keep you focussed and growing I suppose. Well, I feel much better now. ~smile~

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