Saturday, August 14, 2004

13 More Hours

In 13 hours I get to pick up the 'Mr' and even though this was only a little 2 week jaunt, I'm so incredibly butterfly anxious. I'm really missing him. I guess 6 weeks home after a 9.5 month deployment just wasn't enough for me. :-) I suppose if the 6 weeks was leave time it would be a little different. Okay I'm babbling...oooohhh I'm sooooo excited!!!


So, I mentioned I was back to work and it's full time now, well my eating and drinking pattern is all off. Here's how I found out: I was out for my run on Wednesday and when I got to 3K I started shivering like crazy. It was 32 degrees celcius out without even a gentle breeze!! Thank goodness for my camelback and got me home. When I thought about it, I realized that I had consumed maybe two glasses of water in the last 2 days!! HELLO???!!! That is so not me. Well hard wake-up call but now I'm focussed on making sure I eat and drink right...requires preparation when you are a working lady. Like a 1 year hiatus can be that effective in wiping away my strategies for daily survival. Good golly.

Well, I'm on my SIL's computer so I should go. Hope everyone is well, goodness knows I'll be really well in 13 hours. ~winks~

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