Thursday, August 5, 2004

At a loss for words

Hard to believe that a Franco-Italian-Canadian can be at a loss for words...but there you have it. I keep my training log and it only has the bare minimum. I got 'the look' from a friend of mine about that just the other day when we were doing our logs in the change room. ~chuckles~ What would I do without you L?!

I'm on meds for my condition again and that makes me even more sleepy than I've already been. Granted the extra water, vitamins and meditation seem to be helping a great deal with that issue.

So, as to my training, well it's been steady and routine. Nothing particularly bad (except the fatigue) and nothing especially noteworthy I suppose. Then again, slow and steady finishes the race and that's not so bad for me right now.

One awesome thing is that the beauty of this place never fails to impress and move me. I couldn't ask for a more gorgeous piece of country to live and run in. And I discovered why the tap water here tastes like pure nectar of the gods. It turns out our water supply is directly tapped from underground, mountain tributaries from Jasper. Pure mountain water! How cool is that?! Well actually it is always quite cold. ~big grin~

Say a prayer or send a postive thought out to the universe for the crazy lady will you?! ~winks~

Oh, before I forget. Please check out my friend Emily's Blog as she has a post about Cell Phones For Soldiers. It's a noble cause to help keep American soldiers connected to their love ones while they are deployed. All you have to do is donate your old cell phones that you may be using for a door stop right now after getting the newest and coolest version. (I have 2 on the way now: one was a door stop and one a paperweight...hope they don't mind the Scooby Doo stickers?! :-) Canadian soldiers are more blessed in this area because even though it is scarce on communications for us sometimes, these poor American soldiers will go through very long stretches without contact home.

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