Monday, August 9, 2004


The Run

Well, has anyone ever been on a run that feels like you were shovelling your body parts like pieces of a puzzle along the trail? Good golly but everything felt wierd, broken, sore etc. And there were strange little squeaky noises coming from my left knee...the good one! Well for all that, and a really atrocious time for the distance covered, I was outside and who can ask for more? The clouds were heavy laden with dark moisture and they hung so low in the sky I was sure I could just reach up and snag a piece to eat like cotton candy. Ironically, in spite of the heavy, blackness the sun still rose high and bright in the sky, well above the clouds and the effect was brilliant trickling down through the trees and onto the path. And the aromatheraputic effect on the foilage danced up a jig in my nose. (I was 'sneezy' as my daughter says) LOL :-)

A Little Note On Breathing

When my daughter takes a walk break while she is running, she calls it a 'breathing' break. Now, I assure her that it is not only PERMITTED to breathe while running but it is strongly ENCOURAGED as well. ~giggles~ But I think I know what she means. My first year of running I felt like I was suffocating and trying to breathe through every hole in my head. It's just that adjustment stage for some folks, who are perhaps so in tune with their physiology, that anything out of the ordinary is awkward and uncomfortable even. As your VO2 Max increases you find the difference becoming more and more subtle all the time until it is almost negligable. Well, that's been my experience. Now lately I find myself re-adjusting to breathe comfortably again. The humidity in Northern Alberta has been abnormally high this summer. The barometric pressure dance is really quite uncommon for this area. I'm wondering what the fall will bring?

Before The Run

Hmm, this post keeps getting re-written. Okay, well basically I'm off for my the morning because I've decided that I would send the kids to their caregiver today even though I'm off. Being back to work has been great but the holidays came to quickly after starting up again. I've chosen the provincial park trail today as my place to run. I live right in the middle of the woods but I'm going to drive 20 minutes for different woods. Go figure?! ~shakes head and chuckles~ As you can see from the pic though, it is gordgeous. I'll let you know how it goes, today will be my first time at over 90 minutes in a very long time. :) Hope that pack stays light for most of it.

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