Thursday, June 3, 2004

Barometric Pressure

As though somehow my friends and colleagues secretly knew that I was curious about the barometric pressure question that Mark brought up, the whole issue of headaches, sluggish troops on PT (Physical Training) and bad moods has been the sole topic of discussions today.

Everyone agrees that a drop in barometic pressure, in particular what we are experiencing up here in Northern Alberta at present, is the sort of horrible, demonic weather occurrence that tampers with our performance. Today was absolutely DREADFUL on my run. My head was about ready to explode from the moment I awoke and it was one of those days when the shoes are too tight, then too loose, the pack is sitting all wrong and there is no fix, my legs were cramping and didn't want to 'warm up' plus I'd lost my favourite Nalgene water bottle. I can only get these bottles in Edmonton or online (which means waiting and that is not my favourite sport at all heehee). So for all that, I still LOVED being outside, under the sun, listening to my tunes and doing some sort of foot shuffle that I hesitate to call running. ~big grin~

My daughter had a Mexican Fiesta at school today and the nourishment was splendid. I had no idea there were so many Mexican 'good food' choices! It was an absolute blast and my tired achy little self was delighted to sit back, get fed and visit with so many adults. (With Mark (my husband) away, I find I miss adult conversation a bit...especially since I don't go to work daily) In any event, this is where one fellow was telling me his platoon was slower than a group of turtles using walkers. He said everyone seemed to have a splitting headache, they were dehydrated and their legs were talking back. They remedied the running ailments by stopping at the local greasy spoon for a late breakfast/coffee instead of continuing on! LMBO

So to finish off the otherwise tangent oriented blog, I'm pretty excited about getting my training plan next week. Tammi thinks she'll have it ready for me around Wed. You know, since I decided to take the whole year and work up slowly, running has been more 'fun.' I just realized that as I type! I guess it was the right choice.

ONWARD we go Runners!

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