Saturday, June 5, 2004

My Daughter

My eldest daughter, nick-named Bug, has started her first blog to accompany her official start to running. She has always run with me over the years...from inside the womb to the running stroller (which is very cumbersome in a mall by the way); then in the winter she was in a sled which I'd harness myself up to and pull her along. She often does a warm-up jaunt around the block with me then join me for a stretch or two. Since she learned how to bike I would also let her bike along side and around me while I was out and about as well. Actually, when I would begin to slack off of my running and sink into a misery or funk, it was Bug who would encourage me out the door again by begging to do stretches with me or go for a warm up run etc. "Maybe you're sad 'cause you aren't running Maman? You always say running makes your heart happy." Those words have been uttered more times than I can remember and I'm ever so grateful for her unconditional love and encouragement. If not for her (and her sweet little sister) I often wonder if I'd have given up on myself long ago?

In any event, she finally decided (with a lot of 'encouragement' from her Mom of course ~winks~) to start her very own running program. A program where she can set fun little goals and earn rewards for achieving them. In fact, my hope is to start a running club for young girls here in town eventually. Fitness is so vital for a strong, happy life and I'm determined to ensure that my little womyn get all I can give in that department.

Anyway, you can find Bug by clicking on her nickname of course (or as below) and give her a little encouragement.

Bug On The Run

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