Saturday, June 19, 2004

Family & Then Some

Good golly miss molly! I've had so much family here visiting since Wed and they all finally just left. God bless 'em but adios (sp?) dear ones. Whenever I hit the trail or the gym you'd think I was somehow abandoning them for a torrid affair or some such; as though working out was a dreadful crime. How is it, do you suppose, they imagined I developed the ability to run 10km with 35lbs on my back eating bon bons and watching soap operas?

Well, my running was good and really strong. My legs are becoming quite the powerful little machines I must say. Plus, needing to burn the stress off was like having a personal little after burner! ~winks~ Oh and the new Wt training program was WAY too much fun.

Richard, I may have gotten carried away with the whole swinging arms things while on my hill run the other night. A friend of mine (Warrant Officer) slowed down in his car as I ran and asked why I was marching as I ran?! LOL Still, it really did seem to 'shake it all loose' and it felt quite natural to exaggerate the swing beyond what I'm used to. It felt like I was pulling myself forward if that makes sense. Haven't spoken to the trainors about the shins yet unfortunately but hopefully I'll catch her on Monday.

Before I leave, please hit Mark's most amazing post on children and running. It is nothing short of marvelous and inspired...and not just because he posted it for my sweet little bug. Aaron and Mark are the two awesome running mentors behind these children...check them out.

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