Monday, June 14, 2004

Slipped Away


Ever go through a space in time when it feels like your life was sucked into a vortex of such trivial business that you're totally tired but have almost nothing to show for your efforts? Well that has been the last week and a half of our lives. Not that this is bad, just a little dizzying I think. However, our Daddy (my dear Husband) is finally home from abroad. Word on the street is that he may be here for as much as 3 months before he's off again. WooHoo!!


I've only been able to run lately. My weight training was limited to a day here or there. I ended up with bursitis in my left elbow which put upper body on hold so I only popped in for the lower body and ab work. I'm back in the game now and today was wonderful, strong though quite a short run. The rain over the last 10 days has been a royal bummer however.


So I have 10 minutes to catch up on other running friends and post for Bug on her blog. (Bug has been kicking my butt in the dedication department this week. Never lags to get out the door at all...she's my inspiration!)

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