Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Praise for Rays & New Program

Don't get me wrong folks. I honestly am not a 'fair weather runner,' BUT I am definitely happier when I am running beneath the rays of the sun. I struggle with some seasonal moods issues in conjunction with my PTSD so I tend to be a sun worshipper. Not the bronzing tanner type but in that I look up to the bright yellow orb and breathe in the joy it seems to impart. I have this incredibly lovely dark brown farmer's tan. Okay, make that runner's tan. I try to remove my glasses long enough to take care of the racoon problem but it's still a bit noticeable if you're paying attention! ~big grin~ Doesn't matter to me, my brown aspects are visible marks of my joyful wanderings. And if the sun has not ever been enough, this new posting of ours is truly a remarkable place. It's very wild and untouched by human hands in so many ways. I've run into bears a couple times lately, including today. I make enough noise that we each keep our distance to be sure. It feels so odd that I get to share the earth with such noble brothers and sisters. I feel like such a small inconsequential part of this giant Mother Earth all of the sudden. Oddly, I also feel tremendously blessed and unique for being allowed to be running and living in such natural presence.

Emotions and Stretching

I've noticed that I am definitely an emotional runner. I was feeling strong and at peace today. With my husband home, my cornerstone, I feel like I could leap tall buildings, catch speeding locamotives or simply gaze tirelessly at his sleeping face. (jet lag takes awhile to get over :-) Subsequently, my run was strong, and my stride was noticeably longer. I've been adding a great deal of time to my stretching lately. My breathing was stable too even though I often struggle in this area when spring changes to summer. (pollins perhaps?)

I do need to learn to 'let go' of my upper body however. I'm still tensing up a great deal in the shoulders. Especially when I run hills. The result is early fatigue of course and tight muscles with nasty lactic acid build up. I could likely circle the spots under my scapula with a marker where the knots show up to show the trouble areas and they would never change by more than a milimetre or two after every single run.

As to stretching, I'm needing to stretch out my shins more but I'm stumped. I have only the basic flex and point stretch. Any advice would be awesome?!

The New MMC Program

I'm more excited than a kid in a candy store over the 12 month program my trainers came up with for me to compete in next year's MMC. I'm truly beginning to feel like I can absolutely accomplish this goal without any injury. It's incredibly well balanced and the two gals that created it have different areas of speciality (strength for one and endurance for the other), so they were like a match made in heaven. I start the real program 1 July but I'm doing a modified version of the first week this week and next. The weight training portion is really exciting. It cycles from focus on Mass to Endurance to Strength. (had no idea they were separate issues!!)

I'll try and post the actual program as I go. I know it's important for me to start training and logging properly. This is such a hard change for a free, emotional spirit like me. Wish me luck. ~winks~


Thanks to all of you for your wonderful and kind support. I can honestly say, without doubt, this support system adds a large dimension of motivation to my goals and healing.

Beijos and Blessing Runners!

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