Tuesday, June 29, 2004

OMG My Watch/HR Monitor is OFF!!

Okay my DH (Darling Husband) is just playing with my HR monitor/watch thingy. Yes, I call all mechanical things...thingies!! He says it's all wonky and not working right. That means my times are likely not correct so perhaps my HR is wrong as well I suppose. Now as it stands I have never paced myself, I'm a feel good runner. Last time I kept stats the coach did it in university and I just nodded and smiled while he read my monitor. Honestly, I'm really quite a lovely person and rather intelligent in a conceptual kind of way but I don't like 'figuring' things out. So, all this to say I need to start over again on my times. DH thinks I should scrap the last two workouts in terms of stats and begin the recording again tomorrow?!! ~Sad face~

And did I mention he pipes up with "I figured your times were way too good?!" This from the skinny fat man (he's very tall and lean but turn him sideways and you'll see the little pot belly he grew on this last deployment! ~shock and giggles~ He's still gordgeous of course)

The up side you ask? Why DH is going to buy me a pretty new HR montior/watch thingy and it might even have a compas on it so there! I wonder if he can get it in red? That is my all time favourite color. Well, until we get to Edmonton to purchase this little gem on the weekend I guess I'll just use a regular watch, try and count the thumps in my neck and see if I can't get an honest stat!!

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