Sunday, June 20, 2004

Rockin' Legs

Happy Father's Day to my sweet, devoted Husband Mark!!

And Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful, loving Dads out there!

Today's run totally rocked. Technically today was a day off but since tomorrow is jammed packed with an interview, some detailed 'military administration' (~rolls eyes~ it's always 20 copies of each of the 40 forms I swear) and a trip to the city, I decided I'd get the run in today and just catch the weight training in the early morning.

The Run

Did I mention it totally rocked?! I was a bit gunky in the congestion department at first but my legs were tireless and strong. My stride was long and my pace was kick-ass! I did my 8k in 43 minutes, which is definitely awesome for me. I'm still not recording until 1 July though and I didn't wear my HR monitor either. Stubborn eh? ~shakes head~

Running high...later folks!

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