Saturday, June 5, 2004

Mixing It Up?

Well 10Km felt like forever today. I couldn't get on the elyptical because I had the girls with me so it was on foot. God bless my little ladies, they were on their bikes and were absolute troopers I must say. However, there were lots of stops with them along. Not that it was bad...just long. Actually I had a friend come and pick them up at about 7Km and take them for popsicles while I finished up. Those walkie talkies were originally for emergancy but I think this was a valid use too. ~smiles~ (Dad coming home in the next week is going to be such a treat in SO many ways!!)

The Run

The pace was not hard of course given the 'family forum version' but it occurred to me that without a troop Warrant making recommendations for push-ups, sit-ups, burpees etc. on the route, there aren't any surprise physical challenges on the way. I wonder if I'm selling myself short on potential physical development areas as a result? I have of course added the weight training program but I can't yet fit in the spinning class or the aqua-jog at this point because of the change in schedules at the fitness centre. The goal I've selected is certainly challenging enough; even with the prolonged and modified 1 year program. So it occurs to me that I'm not doing so well at just 'making it up' on my own at all. I am waiting for Tammi to give me the official 1 year program to work with, however, I want to feel like I can somehow create and learn how to improve my fitness and reach personal potentials on my own.

Running Thoughts

I think perhaps I'm having follow the leader withdrawels. ~sigh~ I started running in grade 6 by joining the cross-country team and then when I went off to university I truly started adding running to my daily life. It was a fix for study stress. (I'm a serious worry wart) I've been thinking about my 'beginning' a great deal lately as I watch my daughter begin to develop serious interests in various sports and now running. My goals were always simple: in the beginning it was stress reduction so distance and speed etc were irrelevent. I did races for fun because the people were so wonderful and I only cared if I finished. When I joined the military my goal was to keep up and not be singled out for 'discipline.' Of course I also focussed on passing the yearly fitness test but daily PT and the Troop Warrant's program took care of that. Even as the preagnancies came and went I just ran to feel good about myself and keep my required fitness level in check for 'my job.' Now I'm suddenly wanting something entirely different. I don't want trophies or placements BUT I want more than to just do it. I want to improve, progress and develop. I'm just not sure exactly what that means or how to translate it into my daily program. And in spite of my newfound desires I worry that I will take away the joy that running has always brought to me.

The wind and sun are like the Great Spirit's hand upon my face. The centre of my soul is like a calm pool after I run. The ripples of that silence and peace echo out into my whole being. Running is fundamentally a part of who I am and yet it continues to change, shift and demand a different form in my life as I myself grow and change. In the words of the great Pooh Bear, I must 'think think think.'

Perhaps I should rename my blog to: the philosophical meanderings of my running soul? ~smiles~

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