Wednesday, June 2, 2004


I'm feeling like She-Ra Warrior Princess, running speed demon these days. Well, it's all relative of course, but for me it's a huge influx of speed lately. You know when you are taking a course and trying to learn something new but it's not working? Then, one morning you wake up and you JUST know IT. Very mysteriously you were infused with great bounds of knowledge! Okay, so add that to a running metaphor. :) Sorry, I'm wiped but had missed my blog so much that I wanted to post before bed. LOL

So my back health is improving steadily again. However, I tracked down a veteran MMC trainer to produce a 1 year build up plan for me. I'm simply not prepared to take a hit on the ole spinal column but I feel confindent that this is definitely do-able with the right prep work.

8 more sleeps and my sweet, darling husband will be home. YaHoo!!

TTFN Runners

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