Saturday, May 29, 2004

Just Running

Well my back has really been doing rather poorly so I've been running without a pack for a couple days now. Both yesterday and today it was solid, decent pace run. In fact, I believe my breathing has been really good. My legs have always been my strongest asset and my lungs I have struggled with. Anyway, I'm not sure if the pack runs are helping in some way to develop my lung capacity, along with the Yoga I've been focussing on for 3 months now, but whatever it is I will say it seems to be working finally.

Now for my back situation. The Doctor was not very supportive about my MMC aspirations HOWEVER he did not preclude it. He was actually quite wonderful in that he listened patiently to my 'history' quite intently it seemed. He was willing to sign off, and did so, but he cautioned me to be extremely careful and NEVER push myself through any kind of pain. SO, that means the ball is back in my court. Don't you hate it when the universe still forces you to face your own demons and make your own decisions? Anyway, I'm going to go to the next meeting, get the training schedule and start the program. My thought is that even if I can't handle the full program and be prepared for September's MMC, I can carry on for the full year and do the next one. It would be my own special super-long build up training program. Besides, the team are made up of the most remarkable folks. They have so much to share above and beyond the MMC itself so I'm not ready to part company with them. ~smiles~

Besides, I have my own personal Medic coming home in 13 sleeps who can help me make good day to day health choices when my back begins to talk back.

ONWARD it is then!

Unfortunately there is no site devoted to the MMC but here is a banner from an old one to add a little ambiance to my post.

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