Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Man I'm Good...But The Diet Must Follow

Holy knicker whackers but I'm a good runner with pack! What is it about the pack that makes me better instead of slowing me down? My weight training is coming along great. Who would have thought short muscle bellies exisited and were a good thing? I look like a cherub she-rah though. I don't hate my appearance, heck my DH adores me still and I swear the man is obviously blind since he seems not to notice the relief map of the Andes on my mid-section. Then again it's his fault for getting me preagnant six times right?

Anyway, I have always eaten quite well but when the flashbacks and nightmares start I end up in the carb isle far too long. I'm certainly not in the NO CARBS or Atkins Diet category BUT I certainly know balance when I see it and especially when I don't. Helps that I'm a Libra of course. ;) Balance is missing.

Time to face the demons again so here I am running like hell and eating the carbs. The She-Rah Cherub prevails...well today was acknowledgement day so let tomorrow be changing that day.