Tuesday, May 18, 2004


I just had to get on and feel sorry for myself. So when I went off to have my shower and take my tape off. aside: I tape my arches because I overpronate a fair bit plus I add a little telfa to prevent and protect the blister spots. Well I was busy grooving to some tunes and feeling so good I just ripped the tape right off of my left foot. OMG I ripped a whole chunk of skin right off!! ~tears~ I've gone down the labour and delivery road of course, I've broken a bone, trashed my knee falling from a skid when learning to rappel, dislocated my SI joint and gotten metal shrapnel in the eye...guess what? THIS HURT MORE!! Holy crap...ouch, ouch, ouch. Okay, well, at the moment I was sure it hurt more.

Allrighty then, so someone needs to pay better attention when good moods strike. With my Medic Husband off saving the world for yet another month I'm left to care for my own wounds. Hopefully I do as well as he does...I will have to do without the soothing, strong hands that make my feet look like a wee babies of course but I'll manage.

I think I'll go surf the RW forums and see if anyone has some really great ideas for wrapping and healing quickly. I feel much better now...~deep sigh~ I like self pity in small, comforting doses.

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