Monday, May 17, 2004

God's Hand in the Sunshine

Today was awesome! I did my weight training first then off I went for an outdoor short pack-run. 45 minutes of sun that absolutely filled the sky. What seemed like a million jets left their graceful marks accross the sky as they played and danced in their game to determine the best while I ran. I ended up running part of the way with a dear friend, which I absolutely try never to do (I'm a lone runner by nature), and we had a great time. It kept my pace strong but reasonable too which I needed since my knee is behaving badly again and the blisters were still a bit wanky.

I LOVE the heat...well Northern Canadian heat that is, so by most accounts I suppose that doesn't count for much. LOL I love how it feels to empty my camel back by the end of the run and be drenched in sweat. It was actually 22 above! Not a snowflake in sight. ~big grin~

I go for my clearance medical later this week to see if I can join the Mountain Man Triathalon team that is training for next year's competition. I'm so nervous. I want so badly to have a meaningful goal and the Mountain Man has important benchmarks for me. I struggle with pushing myself and getting better while still ensuring that I don't cause any serious injury. When I smashed up my knee the first time they told me I should never ruck again. I did every single exercise they gave and found more of my own, I took glucosamine and chondrotin (sp?) supplements, added new stretches and I built myself up slowly until I was successfully rucking again 10 months later. Come to think of it they said that about my back first time I got hurt and I was still able to build up slowly and properly to meet the Army BFT (Basic Fitness Test) standard the following year for Kosovo pre-deployment training. So, I want to make sure that I listen carefully but be aware enough to recognize if their prognosis of my back or knee is more drastic than what I know I can overcome. Still I only get on the team if I clear the medical.

I'll admit I'm pretty nervous too of getting on the team and starting to watch the numbers and stats on me begin to roll by. I'm a girl that lives life by brail as my husband says. I go by how I feel, what seems right etc. Watching my times, my distances etc feels like turning joy to something impersonal. I realize they are important and even vital to reaching goals and I've always submitted to them when ordered to for whatever team I was working on while in the military, but this time its a choice.

Well too many thoughts rolling around in my pretty but sweaty little head today so I'll hit the shower and then it should be time to pick up the chicklettes from school.

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