Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Warm & Noisy

Well today is going to prove to be a very warm day indeed. The sun is already filling my space with warmth and joy. The jet jocks are in the final stages of competition so it's very noisy outside to say the least. I'm going to save my run for the afternoon though I've just finished my weight training already! The gym was pretty much empty so I was able to zip through as quick as a bunny. I'm upto 36Kg total on the isolateral pull so for me that feels like a giant accomplishment. I never thought I'd ever regain my strength again seemingly.

My back is hurting pretty badly today and the NSAIDs are barely touching the pain. My medical had been postponed to this week from last because of my friend's health situation. So the anticipation of knowing whether or not I may continue with the MMC training is starting to eat away at me. In any event, today I will need to focus on stretching and back exercises. I'm now adding a spin class once a week for cross-training and I think I shall add aqua-jogging again too. That will give me only 3 days a week on my good old fashioned feet. My cardio/pack trg will look something like this for the next two weeks:

Mon Elyptical with 15kg pack mixed-interval 60min
Tue spin class (not sure of length yet I think 40min)
Wed on foot with 15Kg pack 8Km route
Thu Aqua-jog 40min
Fri on foot with 15Kg pack 8Km route
Sat Elyptical mixed-interval 60min or on foot 12Km route (NO PACK)
Sun and she saw that it was good so she Rested

After this I'll keep the same layout but increase time and distance on foot. If I'm allowed to train then I will also begin to add the extra 120lbs, for 3km stretches, to simulate the portage portion of the program. Not sure where/when that will be incorporated but I'm rather certain the coach will have an idea.

So what if Veteran's affairs so says no way at medical time? Well I guess I'll take off the pack and do a traditional training program with the distance and speed aspects in mind. At some point early next year I will re-evaluate and hopefully begin to add weight to my back again. In the meantime I'm adding plenty of core stability training, about 12 minutes a day, to develop my core strength. I think it's even time for a formal pilates element in the form of a class. However, that needs to wait until DH is home and can spell me off in the evening with the children so that I can get to a class.

Well that pulls out lots of my where am I and what am I up to for now so I'm off to make like a house wife for a bit. Honestly, it still feels so wierd even after 10 months to be a SAHM or HW!! Will I ever be able to join the work world again??!!! Especially one that doesn't wear green and salute things!

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