Sunday, May 16, 2004

Training with Children

Normally Sunday is my rest day but since yesterday had to be a write off I decided today would be important. So with no childcare (Husband is still deployed back in Afghanistan) and keeping with my priority of family stays together on Sundays, I strapped up the pack and put my girls on wheels and off we went.

It was great, Sophie was my interval trainer. She would scoot ahead as fast as she could on her bike and she'd make me catch her. Micheila was my 'smelling the roses' girl. She made me stop and look at all the beautiful, natural treasures along the millenial trail we were on. I was very conscious of posture and method of bending, lifting etc. I think that was good stability work for my back.

So it was 6Km with a broken pace, some good sprints and 2 hills, both moderate. Overall I think it was actually a pretty decent run and the joy of having my little ladies with me...well that's just good training for the heart strings.

The only downside were the blisters on my arches from the new runners. I changed runners from Saucony Grid Shadow 8s to New Balance 855. Which incidentally I can't seem to find these new babies online but they sure felt right when I did my little thing at the shoe store. I've had great shoes that gave me blisters first time out a couple times before and they worked out well with a little tweeking of the inserts and arch taping. I should be taping regularly anyway on my right foot for the plantar fascitis that tends to flare up when I add weight to my runs. So hopefully this was just a little something that will work out...Lord help me because shoes are going up and up constantly. A lot like the price of gas. LOL

Golly was I hungry afterward though...~tilts head~

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