Monday, May 10, 2004

Pack Day...Inside

My weight load is up again this week in 2/3rds of my exercises. That feels incredible.

I've decided to run with pack on the elyptical. At first when it was 'pack' day I simply went outside because, well, it never occurred to me you could run with pack...inside. But what the hell really, I couldn't go outside since I'd forgotten proper clothes for the weather (snow AGAIN grrr), and it was 'pack' day, so I just strapped it on and hopped up. Worked well actually. It was a wonderful change not to have a throbbing, hideously aching knee afterward.

My body is definitely responding to my efforts not that my clothing has changed much...a wee bit here and there. However, my energy and self-image are definitely fitting into a bigger picture.

Did I mention I can't seem to tolerate anything remotely greasy or sweet?! How cool is that?

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