Tuesday, May 18, 2004


I don't know how else to describe today except: WooHoo

Weight Training was Triceps and Biceps Day. I especially like doing the Preacher Curl exercise because I can physically watch the improvement in that particular muscle. Competing for weights and space in the gym wasn't too bad today so I was able to do everything in the correct order for once. I like order...call me anal I suppose.

The weather was precisely perfect and I finally broke my little rutt of doing only 6Km and went for 8Km. I also loaded up with the full 15Kg of weight into my pack. So it was 8Km with 15Kg in 56 minutes. That's still below the standard, but then again I'm not training for operational theatre am I? I'm still not using a ruck sack yet though. I want to make it to 20Km and ensure my back is ready for the spine killer. At least we don't wear combat boots for this event anymore eh?!

So life seems to be back on track. I'm eating and sleeping on my regular schedule. No mood swings or nightmares in 2 sleeps! Well, can believe I've been so busy again today that I haven't showered? So I best finish up and take dinner off the stove to feed my little ladies then run off for a cleaning. :)

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