Sunday, May 23, 2004

Beijos To My Shoes

I love my new shoes. I have a pair of New Balance 855s and after the first blisters of the break-in phase, I have to say these are some wonderful little foot huggers. My low arched, overpronating feet combined with a case of plantar fascitis on the right foot, desire nothing short of a strict regime of motion control and good cushioning. These little ladies have both in abundance.

I hit the running trails back in my most recent, previous home this weekend and they held up on the woody, ruggard terrain beautifully. The smell of newly budding flora and wet sand was so welcoming to my restless spirit. I had chosen precisely the right combination of dri-fit T with a thin, storm tech overlayer on top and my favourite Hind running tights on bottom. Top that off, or should I say bottom that off, with my spiffy new blue and yellow NB 855s and I was left feeling like an old hand at the running gig. I was also immensely grateful that I have the physical ability to run no matter how fast or slow.

Do you ever just stop and think...thank you shoes? LOL Well, I did. :) I also took a moment to thank my God for all the wonderful blessings in my life, big and small.

Beijos running friends.

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