Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Running With The Enemy

Holy hard run! I felt like I was fighting every injury enemy I own today. However, the sun and air were wonderful and while my mind was preoccupied with ouch this and yikes that, my feet were obviously not paying attention because I beat my best time on an 8Km pack run to date: 50 minutes even! HELLO??!! That is 6 minutes off the last one. I know that I was very well hydrated today. I'm always on the verge of not quite enough water these days, so I think the extra may very well have been my personal after burner. ;)

Here's something interesting. Now that I surf the Runner's Blogs boards I feel less 'alone' in what do. Not that there aren't a hundred runners a day laced up alongside me, but it's a whole new level of interesting exchange in a love for running. I feel like running is now something I truly share openly and joyfully instead of simply bashfully admitting to being one of *those* people that runs because I like it.

I'm feeling pretty good today and that works for me.

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