Wednesday, May 19, 2004

And the rays shall lead me back

Well, I sure wasn't going to settle for sitting with my tender little tootsie up while the sun was beckonning all the locals into her warmth. Besides, the jet jocks are up to some pretty amazing stunts these days. I just love watching them swoop and dive in amongst themselves like flocks of geese grooving to a little Bryan Adams. I love watching the 'show' while I run.

So, here was my masterful trick to get through the run. My success is thanks to my wonderful Medic of a husband's experience. I grabbed a nice piece of telfa (non-stick gauze) and smooshed on some polysporin and zylocaine gelly. Place that over the wound, then wrap in light gauze. Finish with my regular sports tape. Worked beautifully. I'll admit I didn't break out of a trot and in fact kept to walk/trot splits for the 8km BUT I did go and that's what matters.

I'm feeling pretty cheeky right now. Granted much less so every time I go to stand up. ~sheesh~ Oh well, I think I needed the little setback to bring into focus whether or not I was ready for this sort of goal setting. What I learned is that I'm at least ready to try really damn hard. For once I'm not here to beat myself up into doing it but work hard on my terms to get where I, Reba, choose to go. What a feeling!

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